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Did you know…

  • 65% of Person with Diabetes (PWD) will die from heart disease?

  • PWD with high cholesterol levels are 6 times more likely to have a heart attack or stroke?

  • 200,000 people will die from diabetic complications this year?

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputation, kidney failure and neuropathy (nerve problems)?

As it relates to Dentistry:

  • PWD are 2 times as likely to have gum disease as non-diabetics and almost 100% will have periodontal disease, if they have any remaining teeth.

  • Diabetes and periodontal disease is a closed loop system.

  • PWD will have more severe periodontal disease.

  • Your periodontal disease will make your diabetic condition harder to control.

  • Improving the health of your gums will make your diabetic condition more controllable and less dangerous to you. You will feel and look better and you will do less damage to your health.

  • The Surgeon General of the United States has made the statement that oral health is directly related to your overall health. This is called the oral-systemic link.

Some common signs and symptoms of gum and bone disease (Periodontal Disease or Pyorrhea) are:

  • Gums that bleed easily

  • Red, swollen and tender gums

  • Gums that have receded or pulled away from your teeth

  • Persistent bad breath

  • Loose or separating teeth

  • A change in the way your teeth fit together when you eat

The Good News!

Dr. John Gaeta is a member of “Dentistry for Diabetics” and has been certified to provide treatment and care specially designed for person with diabetes and pre-diabetics. It is a war every day for PWDs.

At our office, we understand that persons with diabetes are pre-disposed to bacterial infection and that these bacteria thrive on the sugars diabetics have trouble regulating. This is exactly why we provide specially designed protocols to help people with diabetes win this war. Make no mistake about it, your future health and well being can depend on it.


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