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Do you have missing or failing teeth? Implants are the permanent solution. We offer free dental implant consultations.

Dental implant placement at Dr. John Gaeta’s practice in Glen Cove, New York, is a revolutionary step forward in permanent teeth restoration. Dental implants are a more permanent, natural, and esthetic treatment option for patients with loose-fitting dentures or missing teeth.

Dr. Gaeta uses 3D imaging technology to place implants, which means more accurate implant placement and better long-term prognosis for his patients. His skill and experience in dentistry make having implants placed in Dr. Gaeta’s practice an easy, painless visit. Patients report returning to work the same day implants have been placed.

Dental Implants, Glen Cove, Long Island, North Shore
Dental Implants, Glen Cove, Long Island, North Shore

This varies depending on the case. However, in general, there are three appointments to replace a single tooth. The first appointment enables us to take the diagnostic records necessary to plan the implant placement. This visit generally includes the 3D image of your mouth or the area where the implant will be placed to enable us to plan the best area for implant placement. During the second appointment, the implant will be placed into the jaw bone. And in the last appointment, a restoration will be placed on top of the implant, creating the “crown” of the tooth.

The timing of the implant placement appointment can vary depending on the number of implants placed. However, Dr. Gaeta and his team take great care to ensure you are comfortable during the entire procedure. After the procedure, patients typically report no or sight discomfort, which can be eliminated by taking ibuprofen, Tylenol, or both immediately after the procedure. While physical activity (sports and activities that raise your heart rate) should be curtailed after the procedure, you may go about your normal daily activities, including work.

There are other treatment options for replacing missing teeth. However, implants offer several advantages.

For a Single Missing Tooth:
When replacing a single missing tooth, a “bridge” is often a possible treatment option.  However, with a dental bridge, a healthy tooth structure on the adjoining teeth must be compromised to hold the bridge in place.  Since dental implants do not affect the health of adjacent teeth, frequently, implants are better options.

For Multiple Missing Teeth:
In some cases, a removable or partial denture may be an option to replace multiple missing teeth.  However, dentures are inserted in the mouth and often don’t have the same look as natural teeth.  Also, over time the bone in the jaw may change, causing dentures that once fit snugly to become loose and require adjustment.  Some patients also report discomfort or soreness when wearing removable dentures, and it also takes some time for patients to adapt to chewing and wearing removable oral appliances.

Implants can generally be completed on any healthy individual. However, there are some restrictions.  For smokers or diabetic patients, often extra care must be taken when placing implants and during the healing phase.  Several other health issues may contra-indicate implant placement or decrease their chance for success.


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