Dental Implants in Old Brookville, New York

When you receive Dental Implants in Old Brookville, New York, performed by Dr. John Gaeta’s practice, you’re taking an innovative step toward permanent teeth restoration. Dr. Gaeta uses 3D imaging technology to place implants, which means more accurate implant placement and a better long-term prognosis for his patients. His skill and experience in dentistry make having implants an easy, painless visit. For example, on the same day the implants were placed, his patients reported returning to work.

Dental implants feel, fit and perform like natural teeth by mimicking them. When a tooth falls out, erosion starts and weakens the surrounding teeth, causing more tooth loss and creating sunken facial features. Dental implants merge with your jawbone and stimulate it to prevent deterioration and preserve your facial structure. They improve gum health and inhibit bone loss. 

Suffering from failing and missing teeth will cause periodontal issues and subsequently contribute to stress and anxiety, discouraging you from smiling candidly and openly. With dental implants, your face structure retains youthfulness, and your confidence returns with improved oral health. Having stable dental implants allows you to expand your diet and eat healthier fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Unlike dentures, implants will not shift or fall from your mouth and you can safely and successfully speak, chew and bite food without discomfort or embarrassment. Dental implants are designed and colored to resemble your natural teeth.

Dental Implants in Old Brookville, New York: Frequently Asked Questions

How many appointments are needed to restore my tooth?

Dental implants vary depending on the case. You will generally have three appointments for a single tooth replacement. On your first appointment, we make diagnostic records and outline the placement of the implant. This visit typically includes a 3D image of your mouth or the implant area, after that, on the second appointment, we place the implant into the jaw bone. A restoration will be placed on top of the implant on the third appointment, creating the “crown” of the tooth. The crown is the visible part of the tooth. Prosthetic crowns, made of zirconium or porcelain, are designed for sturdiness and aesthetics.

How painful is the implant procedure, and must I take off from work?

The timing of the appointment varies depending on the number of implants. Dr. Gaeta and his team take great care to ensure your comfort during the entire procedure. Patients typically feel no or slight discomfort quickly eliminated with ibuprofen, Tylenol, or both directly after the procedure. Curtail physical activity (sports or exercises that raise your heart rate), but you may resume normal daily work activities.

What advantages do Dental Implants hold for missing teeth?

You can choose different treatment options for tooth replacement. However, implants offer several advantages.

For a Single Missing Tooth:

When replacing a single missing tooth getting a “bridge” is a possible treatment option. With a dental bridge, you compromise the healthy tooth structure on the adjoining teeth to hold the bridge in place. Dental implants do not affect the health of adjacent teeth so they’re frequently the better option.

For Multiple Missing Teeth:

In some cases, a removable denture or partial denture may replace multiple missing teeth. However, after inserting dentures, they often don’t feel and look like natural teeth. Over time the jaw bone may change, causing once snug dentures to loosen, requiring adjustment. Some patients describe discomfort or soreness while wearing removable dentures. It takes some time for patients to adapt to chewing and wearing removable oral appliances.

Which patients are not candidates for implants?

Any healthy individual can receive implants. There are some restrictions because placing implants on smokers and diabetic patients requires extra care during the procedure and the healing phase. Several other health issues contraindicate implant placement or decrease their chance for success.

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